2016 - Londres SI Euro

Chapter 3: Windy and Rainy day...

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That day started really REALLY early. We had to be at the meeting point at half past 7. Almost everyone woke up at 6 o'clock. In a crowded traffic, we rashly left London, drove for 3 hours, watched Inception, to see a wind turbine. Said like this, it can be surprising, but it was really interesting.



The wind turbine we visited







We were separated into 2 differents groups and we visited inside the turbine. It wasn't hard to go up, just 97 meters. After that, we ate a CBL (Calculated and Balanced Lunch) in the Green Britain Center and we did some activities about wind turbine : we tested some micro wind turbine changing the inclination and the number of blades

Duli building a efficient wind turbine

After that, we headed back to London, just 3 hours, watching Pulp Fiction on a little cathode ray tube television.

Then we arrived in Greenwich, but the observatory was closed! We walked through the gardens, to go into the city. We made some purchases and tried to get back to the bus. BUT there was a little problem: the gardens were CLOSED! In the meantime, it started raining cats and dogs. We had to go around to get to the coach. Now we are soaked to the bones...

The same paper before and after the rain

But think positive, tomorrow we'll see the Thames Barrier!


The episode was bought to you by Enzo Congestri, Léo Boyer and the cat of their host family! (the best for the end).


P.S.: This article was written by the cat.