2016 - Londres SI Euro

Chapter 2 : A journey into science

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For the day waiting for us, all of the students had to wake up SO early. But it was worth it.  Indeed, we went to the Imperial College London where we had a little presentation of design engineering by Jamie. Afterward we had a magnificent contest in which all the participants had to create a robot that had to be driven ahead, turn then come back to the departure line. The best robot was made by Hugo L, Mathieu, Robin, Gaetan and Nicolas because they had found a perfect solution to fox to wheels to the motors' axis. Unfortunately the contest was won shortly won by an another robot. 
The next stop on our list was the Science Museum which present the history of sciences and its applications.They do introduce the sciences through animation, game, brands etc... They are different subject in the museum such as steam engines, clockwork, airplanes, energy, medicine and so much more.
To finish the day we had an hour to spent in Kensington
However the trip back to the family meeting point was very very long because of the traffic 


This story was brought to you by Gaetan, Nicolas and Hugo L 

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