2016 - Londres SI Euro

Chapter 1 - Monday's adventures

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Bathed in the light of a gorgeous sunrise, way too early for most of us, we were all gathered in La Part Dieu's train station. After one hour and a half of waiting, filled with card games and stuff, we began our epic journey. Our goal : to reach London in one piece. The first step was kind of easy. We just had to find the right train, and then go inside of it. At this moment ,everything was perfect. Moreover, we had a really good time playing Coinch with two really tied sets of 1000 pts. Everything was perfect expect for one little detail : Erwan was missing ! Oh no, nevermind, it's too early. Let's go back to our story. At noon, we arrived in Lille. Nice train station. A bit small, but some persons -we won't name these person to insure their safety- still managed to loose their path through it. Indeed, Hector and Nicolas were 10 minutes late, but they had bought a Burger King, which is nice. Our amazing team of great young people full of curiosity reached here the second test, the border between France and England. It wasn't that much of a problem since the security guards weren't that strong -just kidding of course-. After a few steps through this unknown land that England is, we found a table. That was a really weird table. After some investigation, we decided to get closer to it. What we found there was amazing : a bag full of candies. What a wonderful country ! But as we had no time to slow down, we kept going. Finding the right train wasn't even a problem here since they were only one possibility. Two hours and a few Tarot's games later, we reached St Pancras' train station. Truely a very very very beautiful train station, huge spaces, a structure made out of glass and steel as it was made in the late XIX century. In order to go to our rendez-vous with our bus driver, we went through a shop center. It is already Christmas around here ! We rode in London, looking at the buildings and the two-floor buses. Then we stopped at Trafalgar Square, near the National Gallery. We had 40 minutes of free time for everyone, except for the marvelous Erwan who took 20 extra minutes. We then flew away to the Tate Modern. The smartest ones of us would go directly to the very top of the building to enjoy London's skyline's beauty at night -17h- As the day was getting a bit long and tiring, some of us took a nap in the bus before meeting the host families. At this point, we went in our host families and ended the day well fed and well showered.

To be continued during the daily epic newsletter from the magnificent Euro class of the Lycée La Martinière Diderot.


This episode was brought to you by Hector, Robin and Théotime.

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